Often asked: What Are The Deductions In Gymnastics For Xcel Silver?

What gymnastics level is Xcel silver?

The Xcel Silver division is the second level in the Xcel Program. To compete gymnastics in the Xcel Silver Division, the gymnast must be able to do routines that meet these requirements, as stated in the Xcel Code of Points.

What do you get deductions for in gymnastics?

These deductions can be applied to more than one event.

  • 0.10 Deduction. crossed ankles in twist. bent knees in twist. leg separation in twist.
  • 0.30 Deduction. lacking flexibility in split (up to 45°) leg separation in tuck, with knees wider than shoulder-width apart. back foot at shoulder height in ring leap or jump.

How much does Xcel gymnastics cost?

Monthly Team training tuition based on level and number of training hours o Xcel Bronze train together as a group for 5-hours each week; monthly tuition is $190. o Xcel Silver train together as a group for 6-hours each week; monthly tuition is $210. o Xcel Gold train together as a group for 9-hours each week; monthly

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What is the highest level of Xcel gymnastics?

There are currently 4 levels in the Xcel Program; Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. More information about USAG Xcel in general. Gymnasts may progress into higher levels by a variety of paths: JO Compulsory, Xcel Optional, and JO Optional.

What is Simone Biles net worth?

Simone Biles Net Worth: $6 Million.

What is the most popular kind of gymnastics?

The most popular and widely-practised form, artistic gymnastics is divided into women’s and men’s gymnastics.

Are you allowed to step out of the floor lines gymnastics?

3. If the gymnast steps over the boundary line, the Chief Judge deducts 0.10 from the average score. Gymnasts and coaches are permitted to stand around the Floor Exercise area (and cheer), provided that they do not obstruct the view of the judges and/or spectators.

Can you switch from Xcel to Jo?

Mobility between the programs is not only possible, but encouraged if either is a better fit than the other. We have had many gymnasts switch from JO to Xcel, and gymnasts come from Xcel to JO.

How long is Level 7 floor routine?

Floor Routine Music Rules & Regulations One minute, 30 Seconds (1:30) for Levels 7,8,9, and 10. One minute, 15 seconds (1:15) for Level 6.

What is Xcel Diamond Gymnastics?

Xcel Diamond is the fifth and last level in the Xcel gymnastics levels. To compete gymnastics in the Xcel Diamond Division, the gymnast must be able to do routines that meet these. requirements, as stated in the Xcel Code of Points, and have scored a 31 All-Around as a Platinum level gymnast.

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What is Xcel level gymnastics?

XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience.

What is the difference between Xcel and levels in gymnastics?

The Xcel program allows gymnasts to start competing almost right away, by lowering the skill requirements for the entry levels. It also has more advanced levels that allow gymnasts to keep competing in the Xcel program as they learn more skills, but without the same pressure as competing in the JO program.

What level is Xcel bronze in gymnastics?

Bronze is the first level of Xcel gymnastics. It is comparable to Junior Olympic levels 2-3. The gymnasts will train on all four apparatus and compete routines on each event that have been specifically choreographed to showcase their strengths.

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