FAQ: Where Is Woodward Gymnastics Camp Located?

How many Woodward locations are there?

PLANTS AND OFFICES Woodward’s global footprint expands to 42 locations in 13 countries. Our world-class manufacturing plants, offices and test facilities create the products and solutions that are an essential part of the technology that changes the world. Here you will find information for each of our locations.

How much does Woodward cost for a week?

Now down to the nitty-gritty. Are the Camp Woodward sessions worth the price? Camp Woodward rates have jumped up to about $1,300 a week (without airfare and travel expenses).

How long is Camp Woodward?

Full-week summer camps are 7 days. Drop off and check-in day is on Sunday, pick up and check-out day is Saturday.

Can beginners go to Woodward?

DO YOU HAVE TO BE A CERTAIN SKILL LEVEL TO ATTEND WOODWARD? Woodward West welcomes all! Each session we get all ability levels from beginner to advanced.

Can you just go to Woodward for a day?

Woodward Access No worries! Daily access to The Bunker, outdoor parks or mountain bike trails comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for unlimited monthly entry or just a single session, there’s a product for you. Buy your access below, or keep scrolling for more info on each way to play.

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Who is the owner of Camp Woodward?

Gary Ream is president and partner in Sports Management Group, Inc., owner of Woodward Camp, Woodward West, and Lake Owen action sports and gymnastics summer camps.

How much is Woodward Riviera Maya?

The resort is divided into an adults-only side, Heaven, and a family-friendly side, Hacienda. Rooms and all-inclusive packages start at $315 per night for two people. Two-hour Woodward sessions for ages 7 and up are $69.

How many skateparks are at Woodward West?

Facilities. Woodward is home to 24 skateparks.

How do you get on the Camp Woodward show?

Here’s how to enter: Fill out the form below, and send us a 2-4 minute vlog-style video bringing us into your world. Show us around your house or local park. Skate with the homies. Tell us what you know about Woodward or why you think you should be on the show.

Where do you fly into for Woodward PA?

The nearest major airport is University Park Airport (SCE / KUNV). This airport has domestic flights from State College, Pennsylvania and is 35 miles from the center of Woodward, PA.

Who built Woodward Skatepark?

The park is designed by BMX legend and Woodward Director of Design, Nate Wessel, who has been building parks for 25 years at Woodward and beyond, as well as for premiere events such as the X Games.

What do you do at Woodward cheer camp?

Woodward’s cheer camp is designed to take your cheer skills to the next level. While at camp, cheer athletes work on cheer fundamentals, including tumbling, jumping, basketing, and flying techniques.

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Is there a Woodward in Florida?

What makes them outstanding? Last year the Woodward family celebrated 100 years of ownership of their family farm in Gadsden County, Florida. Today the farm totals 1,489 acres and has been managed almost totally as a tree farm for the past 30 years.

What sports are at Camp Woodward?

The Intro to Action Sports program at Camp Woodward is the perfect way to try out different sports and discover your passion. From skate to scooter, BMX, and parkour, every day is something new.

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