FAQ: How To Make A Hamock Into Silks For Gymnastics?

Can you turn aerial silks into a hammock?

At the most basic level, a hammock is a set of aerial silks hung upside down. To rig a hammock, we take that same piece of fabric, pull the two end pieces through the rescue-8 and keep the loop at the bottom for the performer to sit, stand, or lie in. We rig our hammocks on a single point, from a single rescue-8.

What is the difference between aerial silks and hammock?

We discussed the different setups in a previous post, but to quickly review: in aerial hammock, the fabric is rigged from a single rescue-8 on a single point, while aerial yoga attaches the hammock to two separate rig points with some distance between them, giving students more room to stretch and extend.

Can you build your own aerial rig?

You can hang your aerial rig for silks, aerial hoop, etc. but if you are planning to make free standing aerial rig yourself without qualified assistance and advises is nearly impossible, especially if we are talking about free standing aerial rig with intention to travel and perform.

How do you attach an aerial hammock?

Hang ropes over a secured beam or pole if you didn’t install hooks. The ropes that come with your aerial yoga hammock should have loops in them. Hook a carabiner on the loop at one end of the rope. Then, simply drape the rope over a beam or pole so that both ends hang an equal amount on both sides.

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How difficult is aerial yoga?

Is Aerial Yoga Difficult? No, aerial yoga is not a difficult sport/form of exercise. Aerial Yoga does take some getting used to if you’re not used to spending time upside down! At first, aerial yoga looks like it’s something very difficult that takes a lot of skill and practice to perform.

What’s the difference between aerial silks and aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga. Aerial yoga uses both the ground and the support of a soft hammock apparatus to transform traditional yoga into a multi dimensional experience. Aerial silks is a combination of dance and gymnastics suspended from the air using medium stretch fabrics.

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